Amazon Bring Black Friday To UK

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For all you ‘internationally aware’ type people, you will know of Black Friday, the day that occurs the day after Thanksgiving in the land of the free where people leave the house as early as 3am to go to supermegamarts selling goods for as low as a crazy 90% off the usual retail price.
In a more civilised, less fatal fashion, will be having a Black Friday style sale from November 22nd to 26th, 26th being the day of Black Friday.

“For many years, shoppers in the US have enjoyed massive savings on great products as a result of the ‘Black Friday’ phenomenon,”

said Brian McBride, Managing Director, Ltd.

“Amazon is always looking to offer exceptional value for money, especially in the run up to Christmas, and will replicate that activity for the benefit of all customers here in the UK. There will be some fantastic savings on must-have items.”

  • Over 60% off Nintendo Wii Consoles
  • Over 60% off Flip Mino High Definition Camcorders
  • Over 60% off Microsoft Xbox consoles
  • Canon PowerShot Cameras at less than half price
  • Over 60% off Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum
  • Over 70% off Pearl Necklaces
  • Sony TVs at half price
  • Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection DVD at less than half price

“The deals will come thick and fast so customers are advised to check back regularly for significant discounts on items across all product categories,”

continued Brian McBride.
Keep an eye on this page to see what the deals will be.
All I can say to that is, Coronation Street? Really? WTF?