Habbo Gets Pride Items

Habbo, the online social community virtual world which kind of replaced Habbo Hotel, the originator of Pools Closed and other memes, now has Pride items for those who want to celebrate LGBT+ rights.

Habbo Pride Festival Crackables
In this new update, residents will have access to a new Pride Flag furniture item that 7 variants that each represent a different LGBT+ group. There will also be new goodie bags with rare items to discover, and new item bundles available.
Habbo Pride Festival Crackables2

“We’re excited for Habbo users to be able to embrace their identity within the game and show off their pride! It is humbling to think that Habbo is a safe space where users are comfortable sharing their true identities without fear of rejection,” said Sulake CEO, Valtteri Karu. “The new update shows our continued commitment to LGBT+ rights, something that is extremely important to us as a company.”

Habbo Image
To get more information about Habbo, visit the official website and if you’d like to download it onto your mobile device, it’s available for both Android and iOS users!