EU Backs Farming Sim 22 DLC

Farming Simulator became a bit of a meme or meta or whatever something is when it suddenly becomes really popular, regardless of the game actually being really good.

The franchise is now up to Farming Simulator 22 which is scheduled for release a little later this year, but some downloadable content has already been announced.
Farming Simulator Precision Farming
New gameplay features focus on increased sustainability

While the initial version features basics of precision farming technology like soil sampling, variable rate applications and economic analysis, the focus of the new DLC for Farming Simulator 22 will go further. Advanced precision farming technologies will be implemented to increase the sustainability of virtual farms through the use of optical sensors. Allowing a reduced application of herbicides as well as organic and mineral fertilizers – lowering the environmental footprint just like on real fields.

“The cooperation between all partners has been fantastic and the DLC exceeded my expectations by far”, comments Thomas Engel, project leader at John Deere, regarding the first year of the project.

Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software, adds: “We’re excited about the continuation of the project and the opportunity to take part in this important undertaking to emphasize the benefits of sustainable farming technologies”

New partners help to improve modern farming knowledge

Set out to improve the knowledge of modern agricultural technology in the society, the project started in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim (Germany), the University of Reading (Great Britain), and Grupo AN, the largest cereal cooperative in Spain. This year, the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research from the Polish Academy of Sciences joined the project to promote the technology among young farmers in Eastern Europe.

Farming Simulator 22 doesn’t have a specific release date yet and you’ll be able to play it on pretty much everything except your phone (maybe via cloud gaming on Xbox) and the Nintendo Switch which may be announced at some time in the future.

Even the newly announced STEAM DECK!