Arboria Gets New Trailer

Arboria is a 3D action rogue-lite game being developed by Dreamplant with souls-like combat has had a new trailer released.

Arboria puts you in the role of a Yotunz warrior who must descend into the ever-changing dungeons of Durnar to collect Veri and heal The Father Tree. Fight the creepy monsters that hide around every corner with Symbiotic Weapons, please the Godz, and restore the power of your tribe.
Major game features:

  • Descend into Durnar – explore procedurally generated dungeons and make sure the greatest threat you find there is yourself
  • Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations – gotta find them all
  • Unlock new traits and mutate to become stronger – power up future warriors, even if your severed head will only watch them from a jar at the graveyard
  • Face a gazillion unique enemies and bosses – Durnar is dark and full of terrors

If you would like to see and find out more about Arboria, then visit the Steam page where you can download a demo to try the game for yourself.

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