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PlayStation Joins Indie Game Incubator

indie Game incubator has now received the support of PlayStation who were on the rumour mill recently for not supporting indie games or showing a lack of interest for them on the PSN Store.

Now it seems they do want to help support indies, at least in Japan, by joining the indie Game incubator sponsored by Marvelous Co. Ltd. which brings the total up to 12 companies and 2 associations.

Shuhei Yoshida, Representative of Sony Interactive Entertainment Indies Initiative

“We welcome the start of Japan’s first incubation program for indie games. Through cooperation with iGi, we will further work to create an environment where new Japanese creators can express their art freely.”

Chris Charla, ID@Xbox Senior Director

“We at ID@Xbox were thrilled to support iGi and are excited to collaborate with independent game developers across Japan. We look forward to deepening our understanding and relationship with the development community in Japan and continue helping them bring their games to the world”

Yohei Yanase, Representative Judge of the Unity Youth Creator Cup

“The Unity Youth Creator Cup is a starting step for our contestants, not the goal. We look forward to seeing applicants from various competitions, including the participants from the Unity Youth Creator Cup, spread their wings and explore the world through incubation programs like iGi!”

Mike Haruki Yamazaki, iGi Chairman & Executive Producer/Marvelous Co., Ltd. Global Business Department:

“We are delighted to receive the support of PlayStation®, Microsoft and Unity Technologies Japan K.K. to further increase the value we provide to our incubated teams. As the first and only game incubation program in Japan, we will keep advancing the local indie game scene working closely with our top-notch sponsors, supporters and mentors.”

These companies are planning to hold lectures for the five participating game developer teams, in order to provide the knowledge and tools to succeed (Microsoft will participate as ID@Xbox).

If you’d like to find out more about indie Game incubator, visit the website.