NFT Study Discovers the Obvious

Gamers and NFTs don’t exactly mix well. Game developers keep trying to push them and gamers keep pushing them away, a study has come to an obvious conclusion.

There have been a few instances where game publishers have tried to introduce some form of NFT into their products, but have soon retracted the idea after receiving a lot of backlash.

A study conducted with 2000 gamers (press release said “who identify as self-proclaimed”, no, a gamer is a gamer) found that 69% said they don’t want them in the gaming industry.

Non-Fungible-Tokens should be kept separate from gaming, except for crypto-gaming of which it’s obviously the main reason people play those games. Ubisoft have been determined to go ahead with their Ubisoft Quartz despite negative feedback, but other mainstream developers have backtracked on implementing them.

One of the main reasons people, not just gamers see NFTs as a waste of time and energy is that they serve no purpose but to be passed around by people who think they’re providing any kind of useful service.

As an example, someone mints an NFT, it sells for $100, then somehow it’s “worth” $30,000. The only reason it’s “worth” that much is because the buyer decided to list it at that price, regardless of whether anyone actually buys it.

This is where you get all the ‘Bitcoin Millionaires’ from, they’re not actually rich, they just have an NFT listed at a ridiculous price. There isn’t really a use for an NFT, it’s just Bitcoin in a different form and doesn’t need to be a part of mainstream videogames.

Around 86% of the 69% who hate NFTs said they bring unnecessary and dramatic changes to the industry with half of them saying they think it brings an unwanted financial element which I would guess means micro-transactions spiralling out of control and spiral into an already controversial cesspool.

There’s a percentage of gamers who don’t understand them and don’t want to, some want to learn more and that’s a good thing, so that they can understand the impact they would have and why a majority have taken a dislike to them.

Gamers want to be rewarded for playing games and that’s where Crypto-Gaming comes in, but what they don’t want are NFTs being put into games. If developers want to make money that way, one suggestion would be to make them a separate entity and offer them in the proper blockchain way.

As previously mentioned, gamers wanting to learn about crypto and NFTs is a good thing due to the amount of scams out there and the fact Axie Infinity got hacked and lost over $600 MILLION, it’s best to be aware of what you’re getting into.