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A Christmas Listicle: Top 10 Apps

A Christmas listicle, no, not quite a miracle, but a listicle sent to me of a top ten apps to download this Christmas.

So what is a Christmas listicle? Something PR companies usually put together to help people like me add some content to the site and get back into the swing of things after having a not-so-good year.

This isn’t about me though and not something I’d blog about on here, this is about a list of apps curated to provide some entertainment, keep you occupied and maybe organise your life in the new year.

Christmas Listicle Apps

This Christmas listicle isn’t in any particular order, it’s a top ten, but more of a general one than a best to worst and there are links to both the Android and iOS versions of each app.

Christmas Pub QuizAndroidiOS
What do you really know about Christmas? If your knowledge stretches from the festive event to songs and movies, you might just make it through the 30 levels!

Quizlet is the number one way to study, practice and become an expert in thousands of specialised subjects. Simple to use, you can create your own flashcards, or choose from over 500 million existing sets created by teachers and students. This app helps you to study smarter and gives you the right tools to do so leading into the New Year.

One of the most popular apps in 2022, BeReal gives your friends and family a snippet into your everyday lives through images. Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in 2 Minutes. Share a picture of your unique Christmas with your friends this year!

Couch to 5KAndroidiOS
If you’re already at a decent standard of fitness, but you want to do more and reach goals, Couch to 5K can help. An official NHS app with celebrities to help guide you through the stages of walking, jogging and running and the best thing about it, it’s absolutely free!

A traditional new year’s resolution is always to read more. With GoodReads you can see what books your friends are reading and find inspiration for the things that you want to dive into. Track the books you’re reading, have previously read, and the ones you want to read and you’ll finish 2023 with a full bookshelf.

KnockOut – ITV Sport – Android – iOS
Tap into your sporty side this Christmas with the new World Cup trivia game from Live Tech Games. Put your football knowledge to the test to be in with a chance of winning big money to treat yourself this Christmas.

Track progress toward your nutrition, fitness, weight loss and water goals with the ultimate all in one fitness tracker app. MyFitnessPal is the equivalent of having a nutrition coach, meal planner, and food diary with you all in one, at all times and is a great, healthy 2023 addition.

If improving your organisation is top of your goals this year, is the one to download. This app allows you to easily manage your tasks, projects, and team’s work simply and powerfully. Used by over 30 million people and teams worldwide, this app will help you stay organised, motivated and force you into good habits to get more done.

Sing along to the catchiest Christmas tunes this festive season with Smule. Join in the fun with friends, family and people from across the globe with millions of classic karaoke songs. Or if you’re feeling creative, you could even make your own!

Head into the new year feeling zen by aiming to stress less, sleep soundly, and become happier. Headspace is an app which encourages everyday mindfulness and meditation. Inside the app you can find guided meditations, courses, and mindfulness exercises on subjects like stress, general anxiety, worry, building resilience to start the New Year off in the right way.

This is just a list of apps given to me which are popular, but may not be the best, so it’s up to you to try them out and see if they’re good for you. I know that GoodReads and Couch to 5K are good because I’ve used them, as for the others, if there are better apps you would rather recommend, either comment below or Tweet @Mental_Gamers using the hashtag #XList10 with your recommendations!