Auditorium Goes HD

Zoo Games has announced a new release for the PlayStation Network which has over twice the amount of content that the iPhone and PC versions had and includes Move and 3D support.

Cipher Prime is the developer of Auditorium HD and thanks to publisher Zoo Games, it’s made it’s way onto the PlayStation Network and features designer audio, graphics and gameplay that blend seamlessly as players control a stream of colored light called the Flow.
The idea is to use a variety of directional arrows to divert the Flow and fill containers with light to activate different music tracks that should create a tune worthy of Mozart himself… or not.
There’s obviously the usual classic mode with the original playlist of 72 levels, but the PSN version of Auditorium HD also includes a new Auditorium Modern mode which is an exclusive playlist that offers 78 brand new levels and music.

Auditorium HD also fully supports the PlayStation Move controller. Instead of manipulating the Flow of light with the left analog stick and shoulder buttons, players have the option use a single Move controller to naturally guide the Flow. For those with 3D televisions, Auditorium HD includes subtle stereoscopic 3D support to enrich the visual experience of the game.
It appears to only be available in the US at the moment, so I guess us Europeans will have to wait.