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Lionhead Studios

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If you haven’t got it already, then you are missing out on Lionhead‘s latest and greatest outing in the Fable universe, not only that, but the first downloadable content has been released to further extend the gameplay.
The Understone Quest Pack can be yours for just 400 MS Points and offers a trilogy of new stuff for you to do, here are the details:
“The Voice”: In the main quest, explore the mysterious underground land built by Montague Hummes in fear of the Spire in “Fable II

  • Discover the origin of the voice that controls the people of Understone
  • Features a moral decision that will lead to two drastically different outcomes in Understone

“Shooting Range”: After defeating Saker during your quest to become King or Queen, the remaining Mercenaries have turned their camp into a tourist attraction. The main attraction being the re-playable shooting range mode

  • Beat the high scores to win three prizes that can be used while playing the mini-game: the Marksman 500 (gifted to players for downloading the pack), Money Shot (prize) and Black Dragon (prize)

“The Wheel of Misfortune”: After Reaver vacated his home, he set up a venture for budding heroes to replay the thrilling arena-based challenges within his new dwellings

  • Beat the high scores to win three new weapons that can be used while playing in the mini-game: The Full Monty (gifted to players upon downloading pack), Dirty Harriet (prize) and Dead Ned’s Revolver (prize)

There is also to be a ‘Title Update’ which should help with:

  • General gameplay progression and spawning issues
  • Sanctuary map and audio functionality
  • Isolated corrupted game saves
  • General performance surrounding Orbs, audio, frame rates and other features

Any and all info can be found on lionhead.com/fable3.

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