Hit a home run with BADA

Well, it’s pretty much worded in the way I’d have posted it anyway, so here’s the garb…
Homerun Battle 3D is a simple and intuitive baseball game focusing on hitting the ball over the fence- the best part of Baseball. Mixing the simplicity of fun of Homerun Battle 3D with real time on-line competition has kept the game in the top 100 games in the Apple App store and the Android market since its launch.
What’s more, Homerun Battle 3D is a game where users can play with each other regardless of the device platform. Android users can play against iPhone users using the same server on a real time basis. It’s been like this from early 2010. Check this youtube video uploaded in February 2010.

On top of this with the Samsung Wave in the stores, Homerun Battle 3D has added BADA users to the slugging competition. Homerun Battle 3D is the first game where users can play against each other on iOS, Android and BADA platforms.
But who really cares about what their platform is any way, as long as the game is fun and works on your phone.