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Go To The Seaside With Your iPad

Rather than make a post that would most likely be 80% snippets, here’s the whole press release. When we first saw news on the iPad, we knew there would be a lot of ponds and fish tanks coming out for the iPad. Com2uS thought the iPad deserved something bigger, like the Ocean. So we started creating an Ocean just for the iPad ‘Ocean Blue’ gives you the experience of a real dive into the ocean. To give users a great experience of the ocean, the whole development and graphic design team jumped into the ocean to learn scuba diving in Philipines. Investigations to the very detail on different fishes that live in the deep and shallow parts of the sea have been made to deliver the ocean as it is to the iPad in true 3D graphics and movements.

Hit a home run with BADA

Well, it’s pretty much worded in the way I’d have posted it anyway, so here’s the garb… Homerun Battle 3D is a simple and intuitive baseball game focusing on hitting the ball over the fence- the best part of Baseball. Mixing the simplicity of fun of Homerun Battle 3D with real time on-line competition has kept the game in the top 100 games in the Apple App store and the Android market since its launch.