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New iPhone Game is a Bit of a Stretch

From the screenshot (from what the image on the left was taken from), the character looks a bit like the small guy from Fanboy & Chum Chum, but this superhero is apprently more compared to Mr Fantastic of The Fantastic Four, which could be why he goes by the name of Elasticr.
His stretchable abilities enable acrobatic like movement needed to avoid evil aliens, devious traps and sharp spikes as he struggles to save the human race.Game info:
In the latest version of Elasticr, Dlux Studios has added twenty additional levels along with a level chooser, full OpenFeint integration, and significantly more hair gel to manage Elasticr’s super sized pompadour. The Elasticr app’s physics engine creates realistic flying, bouncing and stretching effects unparallel in the app store.
Fun for kids from five to one hundred, Elasticr’s is rated 4+ and is both suitable and enjoyable for children. Higher levels will test the skills of gamers of all ages as Elasticr encounters increasingly difficult obstacles such as disappearing hand holds, spinning blades and numerous chances for electrocution. Please ignore the smell of burning rubber…
To have a load of rubberised fun that’s legal for all ages, check out Elasticr on the iTunes App Store, just be sure to be running iOS 3 or later on either your iPhone, iPod Touch and just for the heck of it, iPad.