Angry Birds Gets Appitalised

Angry Android
Image by crabbyman6 via Flickr

If you haven’t played Angry Birds yet, well, get a device that does because it’s a darn fine game. You’re probably better off going Android since the normal version is free, as well as the Seasons version, they’re ad-supported of course, but it’s so worth it.
There is what Mobile Streams would like to be known as the first fully independent app store, which isn’t tied to any specific platform and covers 51 countries worldwide and so would be able to carry Rovio Mobile’s best selling game to anyone and everyone with a device and/or phone capable of running Angry Birds.

Peter Vesterbacka, The Mightly Eagle at Rovio Mobile commented: “It’s great to have our game available on  We look forward to welcoming new fans from the appitalism members and also seeing their feedback and ratings on the site.”

If there’s that ever elusive app you just can’t seem to find anywhere, become a member of where you can earn App Rewards that you could redeem for stuff.

“We pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for all devices and platforms and for the quality of the apps we sell.  Angry Birds is a very welcome addition to our current catalog of over 5 million premium apps and we are pleased to be offering the game to each and every one of our localized stores around the world,” added Simon Buckingham CEO of Mobile Streams.

All Angry Birds info can be found on