EA Servers Shutting Down

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A post on Xbox 360 Achievements has said that servers for Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2 will be closing next Monday, January 11th and so anyone that hasn’t got the online achievements will need to do so at least some time this week.
Not only that, but EA are closing servers for some of their older games, mainly sports titles such as FIFA and NCAA which is kinda understandable, with a franchise that has yearly updates and therefore, needing new servers. Each title usually has a two to three year lifespan and from the looks of the list, it’s unsurprising that the games have come to the end of their online lives.

• FIFA 07
• FIFA 08
• FIFA 09
• FIFA Street 3
• Fight Night Round 3
• Madden NFL 09
NCAA March Madness 08
• NCAA Basketball 09
• NCAA Football 07
• NCAA Football 08
• NCAA Football 09
• NFL Head Coach 09
• NHL 08
• NHL 09
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09
Servers for these games will be closing on February 8th, do if you want to know which achievements you’ll miss out on, see the article on Xbox360Achievements.org.