Phantasy Star Universe Gets Updated

SEGA has announced that a pretty major update patch is now available for Phantasy Star Universe, but not a patch to fix things, it’s the GUARDIANS Advanced Content with an added bonus of the AOTI Expansion Pack that has a load of new content, the Ambition of the Illuminus Expansion is now available as a free download which has a value of 800 MS Points.
If you’re already a subscriber, the updates will happen automatically and more good news is that this is just the first announcement, there are going to be more updates coming throughout the Summer.GUARDIANS Advanced Content adds a huge amount of new content to an already massive Universe to explore. This update greatly expands the challenges and fun for new and veteran players. New features and highlights are:

  • Tons of new missions
  • Countless new weapons and items
  • A brand new system to customize your characters
  • Classes and abilities have been updated and improved

The AOTI Expansion adds tons of content to the original Phantasy Star Universe and features countless missions, story content, weapons, clothing, updates to player rooms, and other features. In addition to new enemies, weapons, levels and cities there will be more options available for gamers to further individualize and customize the look of their characters. Ambition of the Illuminus continues the exciting PSU story online as the player’s character is now the central protagonist, investigating and working to restore peace in the chaotic Gurhal System.
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