Ricochet HD Coming To Europe

January 4th saw the release of Ricochet HD on the US PlayStation Network and it will soon hit the European PSN, says the games developer TikGames.


“We enjoyed the Ricochet series on other platforms and are delighted to recreate it for the PlayStation Network.” said Anatoly Tikhman, Founder and CEO of TikGames.  “With its robust feature set including a ring collection game, countless levels and the unique ability to recall a ball while in play, Ricochet HD is by far the best in class for brick busting games.”

Game info:
Ricochet HD is an intense action game, combining equal parts skill and strategy.  This extraterrestrial adventure has the most comprehensive feature set of any game in the genre. Ricochet HD’s dynamic and interactive brick busting levels reward strategic play while the arsenal of power-ups allows players to obliterate everything in their path. Players control one of 24 different ships, each with their own unique weapons set, to launch customizable balls and destroy obstacles.
There’s four unique game modes to choose from that you can play alone or with a friend, they include Solo, Head-to-Head, Co-Op, and Tail Gunner and with 150 multi-staged unlocking levels, set on 15 different planets, it should keep you gaming for quite a while.
See www.tikgames.com for more info.

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