Dance Dance Revolution Gets NiGHTS Font

The first thing that I thought of when seeing the packshot for DanceDanceRevolution New Moves was how Konami have blatantly stolen the font from NiGHTS to use for ‘New Moves’, at least, it looks very similar anyway.

This is a DDR 4th Mix Plus machineIt’s been a while since there’s been a DDR game and New Moves is the debut DDR title for the PlayStation 3 with a scheduled date of March 11th, so you have plenty of time to get a Move pack and take full advantage of the game.

Shuffle your feet around this:
DanceDanceRevolution New Moves adds new game modes to the series. In ‘Dance Off’ Mode, two to four players take turns running through the same dance. The player that is able to keep in step more accurately will earn more points and be crowned the winner. In ‘Club’ Mode – which has been specifically created for die-hard DanceDanceRevolution fans – gamers can play over and over again in a marathon session. The difficulty level of the tracks will change along with the dances the players are challenged to match, as they get further and further into the session. As an added obstacle, various tricks will also come into play. Gamers will be able to play from four to 20 tracks in succession depending on their skill level.

Obviously, it comes with the dance pad, but you can use the Move controller to vary on-screen visuals with combinations of button presses and movement used to add visual effects to the on-screen action. Featuring over 50 tracks means there is plenty to boogie to, but just remember, there’s no bar behind you to hold on to if your legs get tired…


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