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Become a Legendary Kung Fu Master

Ever wanted to be better than Bruce Lee? Well unless you’ve been training with the highest Masters since aged 3, then the next best thing is to try Kungfu Legend of which some kind of fact sheet was put together, so here it is…

Game Play
Fan Art Of Bruce LeeKungfu Legend uses the dungeon based system whereby players are sent into a different instance to proceed with leveling and item hunting.
Every map comes with 4 difficulties and different stages for advancement. Between the stages, players can even choose a different route.
As the difficulties for each map increases, players are advised to fight in parties. The chance to obtain rare item increases.
Every map also comes with unique boss at the last stage and these bosses had chance to drop rare items as well.
Kungfu Legend is also one of the few action MMO that supports the use of joystick. Players now have a chance to reminisce the arcade fighting action and challenges from home.
A part from its fast action fighting experience, Kungfu Legend’s characters also diverts player’s attention with cute facial features and taking damage and exciting comical display of special skills. These effects draw away the player’s attention from the intense battle.
Rookie Clan
When new players join Kungfu Legend, they can join the Rookie Clan once reached level 2. Within the Rookie Clan, there are players to guide the new players and assist them on venturing to a higher difficulty map.
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