The Mac App Store, Does It Move?

Yay, another Mac App Store post, now you know you like them really… This one is about a game that was on sale recently on Steam of which And Yet It Moves has ‘SteamPlay’, that means that when you buy the game, it’s compatible on both the PC and Mac.

Anyway, for those of you that don’t have or use Steam for some reason, you’ll be happy to know it’s on the Mac App Store for you to purchase and play the physics-based platform game in which you rotate the game world at will to solve challenging puzzles.

“The Mac App Store is a big opportunity for independent game makers like us,” said Broken Rules CEO, Felix Bohatsch. “We’re happy to be part of it right from the start and bring our game to a huge and diverse new audience.”

Key features include:

  • Advanced Platforming: Run, jump, and rotate the world at your will.
  • A Living World: Meet creatures such as bats, bees and monkeys. Discover how they react to ever-changing gravity to master challenging logic puzzles.
  • 17 levels set in 3 different environments: Discover mind-bending puzzles set in an extraordinary paper collage world created with colored cardboard, brought to life with handmade sounds and music.
  • Speed run mode: Compete against the clock or previously recorded Ghost Runs on each level and in marathon runs through entire chapters.
  • Achievements and online high scores: Unlock achievements. Go for the high score by challenging your friends or complete strangers and polish your skills of rotation.

Broken Rules is the developer and find out more at