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[Preview] Secrets of Raetikon

Secrets of Raetikon is actually spelled Secrets of Rætikon, but for SEO sake, it’s better to use ‘ae’ instead of ‘æ’. That’s not the point of this post, that would be silly, this is a site (or blog, whatever you wanna call it) about indie gaming, not social media and SEO.

Get Early Access To Secrets of Rætikon

Secrets of Rætikon is another title to launch as early access on Steam, the difference with this one is it’s actually rather unique, especially with its visuals that are an art of its own accord and even features a level editor.

The Mac App Store, Does It Move?

Yay, another Mac App Store post, now you know you like them really… This one is about a game that was on sale recently on Steam of which And Yet It Moves has ‘SteamPlay’, that means that when you buy the game, it’s compatible on both the PC and Mac.