Get Early Access To Secrets of Rætikon

Secrets of Rætikon is another title to launch as early access on Steam, the difference with this one is it’s actually rather unique, especially with its visuals that are an art of its own accord and even features a level editor.

The jist:
Secrets of Rætikon is launching as Open Alpha and is not content complete yet. The current version includes a single player campaign featuring seven different kinds of animals that build an emergent ecosystem. Everthing is alive and the whole world of Secrets of Rætikon adheres to the laws of physics. There are mysteries to uncover, animal kings to meet and runes to decipher. The final secret, though, is not included yet.
We are planning to launch the finished games at the end of Q1/2014. This being an open alpha, the release date is not set in stone, though. First we want to engage with the community, to get feedback and to make sure that the game is running stable on all configurations. We want to release Secrets of Rætikon when it is done, but we need to finance the last stretch of development. That is the reason why we’re launching on Early Access.
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