Bumpkin Brothers Farm in Space

Space Farmers isn’t quite what you think it is, no, not anything like Harvest Moon, but a co-op puzzler you play with a friend and to be honest, doesn’t really have a lot to do with farming in the traditional sense.

Space Farmers is a colourful and inventive two player co-op puzzle ’em up. Featuring two farmers, angry robots and a spaceship full of gadgets and guns.
You and a friend will have to use your combined wits and skill to make your way though a game that is designed to never be the same twice. One minute you’ll be defending your friend as they use their jet pack, then trusting them to save you from a locked room filling with gas the next. Then you can both jump on some space scooters and race to another adventure.

  • Amazing cooperative action to enjoy with a friend.
  • Lots of gadgets and gizmos to play with.
  • Clever puzzles to solve together.
  • Thousands of ship layouts to explore.

Visit bumpkinbrothers.com/spacefarmers if you want to find out more. Check it out on Desura where you can also buy the alpha.