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My Many GTA V Faces

Anyone who has played (or watch a Let’s Play video of) Grand Theft Auto V knows that there are three protagonists, you select Mike, Franklin or Trevor by holding down ‘Down’ on the D-pad.

GTA V Character WheelIf you have been online with GTA, a fourth character is displayed in the character ‘wheel’ for you to select if you want to hop online at any moment. My character had somehow changed from when I last went online.

As you can see in the image on the right there, the bottom character is the one I use online and because the last time I went online was about a week or more ago, he’s still dressed in a Santa outfit.

So imagine my surprise as I went online just last night briefly and saw that not only had my online character been stripped of his Santa outfit, but had also been given a haircut!



What happened? Also, I’ve just realised by looking at the images that my glasses are gone!