Break Out A Harmony On Indie Games

Fans of the break-out genre can find something that may just be suited to their taste on Xbox Live Indie Games in the form of Spring Up Harmony from Frozax Games.
It comes as a sequel to the PC/Mac game Spring Up! which you can still find available at to buy and download, Spring Up Harmony takes into account feedback from reviewers and players and improves the original game with new levels and features.

Game info:
Spring Up Harmony takes the best of Breakout and Pachinko and spices it up with 2D physics. Launch balls on color-matching items to clear the 30 levels of the game and collect the ten rewards. Use motors, fans, mechanisms, hanging objects and gravity to your advantage to catch the falling objects. Challenge a friend in the multi-player mode, where both players are playing on the same screen.
Spring Up Harmony is available on Xbox Live marketplace for 240 MS Points.
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