Blaze Make 3DS Luxurious

If you’ll be purchasing a Nintendo 3DS, you may want to jazz it up a little and take care of it by getting a kit for it, such as the one from Blaze which contains a bespoke air foam case, which protects the handheld console.

Jason Cooper, Chairman of BLAZE Europe commented:
“The Nintendo 3DS is the first exciting major gaming release of 2011, and we are pleased to announce the release of our Luxury Kit, alongside our new Mr. Men range in time for its launch in Europe.

At BLAZE we continually look to bring a higher quality of product to the video game accessory market. The new 3DS compatible Luxury kit is just one of the BLAZE products set to raise the bar in 2011”

More info:
The luxury feel continues with a pair of 3DS compatible earphones, with an audio and build quality far above the specifications of the products we have been accustomed to.
A further unique inclusion is the USB Port & Car charger, which can provide charge to your 3DS, DSi & DS Lite from both 12v car power outlets and standard USB sockets found on most PC’s and consoles today. In one sleek unit you can be sure that your batteries will never dictate when it’s “Game Over”!
Another unexpected bonus is the large pen style stylus, allowing you to navigate and play your 3DS, DSi and DS Lite console with the accuracy and firm feel of a full size pen.
The usual stylus for each version of the console, screen protectors for each console including a screen cleaning cloth, game protector cases and a soft velvet feel drawstring bag to keep all the components together and safe when travelling is in there, so it’s a pretty good kit which caters for all DS’s and should be available at the end of February for around £9.99.