Nintendo 3DS Conference, £199 Price (Not) Likely [Updated]

 #TwitPict on TwitpicAt least one person I’m following is tweeting stuff from the 3DS and it’s TURTLEGIRL73 of, so I’m hoping she won’t mind if I present her tweets here which are only brief notes of what has happened at the Nintendo 3DS Conference in Amsterdam.

Nintendo teaming up with Sky to bring 3D movies (Sky 3D)
Shaun the sheep in full blown 3DS at end of year as they team with Aardman

Street pass will allow gamers to exchange information and data. Head 2 head battles. Nintendo want to enhance a sense of community
Jonathan Ross jokes he wants Street Fighter Versus Animal Crossing!
Nintendo 3DS march 27th $249 (Seems that the UK price of £199 is (not) very likely to happen – MG (edit))
Dead or alive dimensions on 3DS will have Internet play, local play, street pass and co-op mode
Games to play today. Pilot Wings Resort, Nintendogs & Cats, (face recognition) Steel Diver – looking through a periscope & gyrascope
Nintendo 3DS preloaded software looks interesting. Cool augmented reality, Mii maker, use camera to create your own Mii and street pass.

If you can handle the deluge of tweets, follow the hastag #3ds on Twitter.
Apparently, sites are pricing the 3DS at £229.99 with the cheapest being £219.99 from and a couple of other sites.
Quick update, it seems Zavvi are trying to garner trade by announcing the following:

The 3DS is now available for pre order; reserve your copy now for just £217.85 and we’ll throw in an executive case as well…