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The Nintendo 3DS Price War

Nintendo 3DS
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So, the Nintendo 3DS has been officially unveiled to the world and as far as I know, there hasn’t been an official European price set yet, but the pre-order war is already on.
Some sites started at £229.99 which is a pretty big markup from $249 that equates to £155 approximately, so let’s look at it this way; exchanges $249 USD to £155.73 GBP / €184.70 Euro at current time of posting.
£155.73 + 20% VAT = £186.87, which could lead to a retail price of £199.99/€239.99 that would be fair.

Prices as of posting:
£229.99 @ with nothing
£229.99 @ Gamestation with nothing
£219.99 @ with nothing
£217.85 @ Zavvi with free case
£217.93 @ The Hut with a free experience day.
The best deal appears to be on ASDA @ £217.91 with Super Monkey Ball.
I’m in no rush and if I’m really that bothered about getting one, it will have to drop drastically in price due to it being quite overpriced at the moment, in my opinion, of course. The problem about region locking will mean that it will make it harder to import and therefore saving money by buying from sites like that charge in $USD.
(Previously posted on my blog, prices were correct at time of original post)