Captain's Log, Stardate iPhone iOS 4.0.1

Hey, I’m more geeky than nerdy, so you’ll just have to forgive the attempt at a Stardate joke or get a life, either way, I thought it was better than in the press release which was basically just the date without any slashes, dashes or whatever separator you wanna use.
Now to the important part of why I’m posting this, the news of Paramount Digital Entertainment announcing the availability of the official Star Trek Captain’s Log application for iPhone 4 which, for all you Trekkie nerds out there, will turn your iPhone 4 into a communicator (I heard the iPhone also makes phone calls or some such crazy idea) which will enable you to look a complete nut while out and about… if you ever go out that is.
App info:
Using the Captain’s Log communicator, users can capture voice recordings, text entries, take photos and map GPS locations of their voyages as they travel planet Earth. Officers can select their preferred Enterprise class level, whether taking the role of Captain, Engineering, Science/Medical, Enterprise, or assuming the identity an enemy Romulan or Klingon officer.
Users can share their logs with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and via email, with other Captain’s Log iPhone users, or choose to keep logs as private personal records. To deliver the most advanced Starfleet communicator to date, Captain’s Log utilizes iPhone 4 features including front-facing camera, retina display, multitasking capabilities and gyroscope support, showcasing a 3D model of the Starship Enterprise.
As you can see, the level of nerdness detected is great and therefore.. oh I can’t keep that up. Anyway, if you’re interested in being able to ‘flip’ your iPhone and saying, “Beam me up”, buy it from the App Store.