Worm Noms WP7

FREE! Yes, MG’s favourite word and it applies to a Windows 7 phone game called Nom Nom Worm, a simple game of controlling a little yellow blob that gets bigger as you go around eating food that’s randomly placed, while avoiding other things that can kill you.

Puffers will try to come and give you big hugs and be your friend, while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that if you did accept the hugs, you would go pop due to them being covered in spikes and that would leave a mess everywhere… and the cleaner isn’t due for another couple of days.

  • Use the phone’s accelerometer to control Nom Nom Worm
  • Post your high score on global leaderboards
  • Fun gameplay that everyone in the family can enjoy
  • Perfect time waster for your busy life!

It’s by Occassional Gamer, so you might wanna take a look there.