XBL & PSN Get Some Crazy Machines

Crazy Machines 2
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These are just your average crazy machines, oh no, fire, water, air and earth make up the elements of these Crazy Machines and so the name of the game that’s coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade? Crazy Machine Elements, of course.
dtp entertainment are the publishers that will be bringing it to the masses, now I know what you may be thinking, isn’t this a racing game? No, you’re thinking of the classic Codemasters’ Micro Machines which saw you racing across desktops (not computer desktops, the top of a desk) and pool tables, this is something quite different.

It goes a little something like this:
In grand Crazy Machines tradition, players must create wacky chain reactions using different parts and accomplish the tasks set out in their mission, from knocking vases over to blowing out candles. Players can also use lots of new parts besides the elements, including cloud machines, pinwheels and flamethrowers.
Crazy Machines Elements has three game modes. In Puzzle mode, players must finish 100 partially-built chain reaction machines using the parts specified to accomplish the various tasks. Inventors can create true chain reaction marvels that obey the laws of physics and not only satisfy the requirements of the task, but also demand some serious brain power, inventiveness and physical out-of-the-box thinking.
An example of the fun: A ball knocks a candle over which then heats the water in a steam boiler, which in turn slowly starts moving a rope attached to it. The action of the rope rotates a grindstone tied to the other end, which rubs against another stone to generate a spark which lights the fireworks. Players can tinker with a variety of other crazy machines awaiting them in each chapter.
Budding inventors can unlock numerous challenges by solving puzzles where they complete tasks using the fewest number of parts in the shortest time; there are as many ways to achieve a particular task as there are parts available. Crazy Machines also has an editor in which players can build and try out their own crazy machines!
So, now you know.