Walkthrough a Cardboard Castle

Bulkypix has released a kind of fact sheet as well as a walkthrough for their iPhone title, Cardboard Castle, which is available from the App Store right now.
All game elements are cut out of cardboard. The puzzles can solved by using elements of the game (trees, clouds, grass,…) or by using the cardboard in itself, by burning it, tearing it, wetting it.

Story Line:
In this cardboard cut-out world, a fearless knight travels his realm in search of frightened orphans, damsels in distress, and the occasional princess to save. He meets various obstacles and dangers in his path such as hideous monsters, hellfire, and dark bottomless pits – that YOU have to help him overcome. How? Well, If a dragon blocks your path, simply strike a match, and Poof! No more dragon! If a wall is proving tiresome, simple snip it down with scissors. Can you avoid the pitfalls and not wind up as papier-maché?

Don’t be fooled by this charming puzzler. It may all sound easy, but, CardBoard Castle is a game of reflection offering hours of exciting challenges in a madcap medieval world. So, power up your brainbox and help our intrepid hero vanquish his enemies.
There are three epic quests, boundless enemies and improbable allies a-plenty! Check out Endurance Mode, where you mark up the leagues and attempt to score record distances!

  • Unique Cardboard visual style
  • Challenging gameplay and deceptively simple puzzles
  • Funny storyline
  • OpenFeint
  • Hours of Game play

You can download the walkthrough just by clicking this link.