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Spin a Crafty Pizza

Sometimes, headlines smack you in the face with such obviousness, SpinCraft took a little while to think up something and the result isn’t that pretty. Unlike the game which looks so colourful and fun for the gamers in the family.

Yslandia Goes Free

If you hadn’t already heard or don’t know, Moving Player has decided to celebrate reaching 100,000 users by making Yslandia available for free to all iOS MMORPG fans.

Pix'N Love Rush Comes To PSN

Bulkypix, Pastagames and Sanuk Games have announced that Pix’N Love Rush will be coming to the PlayStation Store on March 2nd for PlayStation Plus subscribers and March 16th for the rest of us plebs.

Walkthrough a Cardboard Castle

Bulkypix has released a kind of fact sheet as well as a walkthrough for their iPhone title, Cardboard Castle, which is available from the App Store right now. All game elements are cut out of cardboard. The puzzles can solved by using elements of the game (trees, clouds, grass,…) or by using the cardboard in itself, by burning it, tearing it, wetting it.

Hysteria Project 2 Trailer

There doesn’t appear to be any accompanying text with this trailer, but you could probably find out more at www.bulkypix.com.

Gobliiins Trailer

Bulkypix has released a trailer for their iPone title, Gobliiins, which is a Point & Click adventure with  gameplay totally readapted to the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Go Role Playing On Your iPhone With Yslandia

An MMORPG for the iPhone you say?! I didn’t, but yes. Bulkypix and Moving Player have released Yslandia which is apparently an MMORPG that you can play on the iPhone and go on over 200 quests across three islands, but one slight problem. Us Brits will have to wait until early September to be included in the ‘worldwide’ release as for now, it’s only available in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada. As you may have noticed, most of those countries have French speaking people in them, that would be due to the developer being based in France, but anyway, on with the info.

Snakes On a Motherf**kin' iPad!

Either these press releases are released late or they get lost in the mail or something, but Bulkypix announced a few days ago that Snake Galaxy is launched onto the App Store tomorrow, Wednesday, August 4th. “The Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition has just declared that the mobile version of Snake is the most played game on the planet,” said Vincent Dondaine, COO of Bulkypix. “Snake Galaxy for the iPad is beautiful. The design of the 3D worlds is stunning. Different planets all have different types of fun obstacles to pass by, keeping you wondering what’s next. You’ll enjoy yourself for hours.”