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Pix'N Love Rush Comes To PSN

Bulkypix, Pastagames and Sanuk Games have announced that Pix’N Love Rush will be coming to the PlayStation Store on March 2nd for PlayStation Plus subscribers and March 16th for the rest of us plebs.

If you fancy some classic Jump and Run action on your PlayStation 3 and PSP, just shell out €1.99 / £1.74 and it can be yours, unless you want it for as long as you subscribe, then it’s free, but remember, if you don’t renew your subscription or cancel it because you realize it’s really not worth the £39.99 a year, you lose all those ‘free’ games.
A rush of info:
Packed with over 200 levels popping up in varying sequences, PIX’N LOVE RUSH feels different every time you play. Its finely tuned level design offers a consistent progression of difficulty and will have you fervently come back to try and beat your score!
PIX’N LOVE RUSH revisits the history of vintage gaming systems through 10 refreshing visual styles offered as rewards as you score. If you were a gamer back in the 1980s, you will be in for a trip down memory lane! If not, you will get a sense of where the whole gaming culture comes from.
The PlayStation Minis edition of PIX’N LOVE RUSH features the recently added ‘Cursed’ mode, where all you have to do is to press one button to jump timely from platform to platform and go as far as you can through the level. Requiring intense concentration and a good memory, the ‘Cursed’ mode offers five levels adequately called Hard, Harder, Hardcore, Hardcorer and Hardcorest.
Besides, the PlayStation Minis edition is the first one to get the ‘On-Off Rush’ mode, which also plays with only one button to jump. In this mode, you go through each level forth and back. When you go forth, it is day time, therefore you must catch the suns and avoid the moons. When you go back, it is night time, therefore you must catch the moons and avoid the suns.