Rustle Up a Castle

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News is pretty thin regarding PSP releases and these days, most games that are released tend to be Minis rather than full retail versions.
Without actually going onto the PlayStation Network right now, I’m not sure if this is a ‘full’ game or a Mini, but it’s available as from today from Russian developers, Game Factory Interactive and goes by the title of, Castle Rustle.

Game info:
Castle Rustle is a merry and kind game for the real candy-lovers! It tells the story of Evil Sorcerer with a tin of apple jelly for the brains, who decided to invade the Caramel country. When the Caramel country’s King noticed that, he called up for the Hero. Castle Rustle is a classic tower defense game. Each level includes the Caramel Castle and enemy monsters spawn spots. The evil monsters are actually the good animals of the Caramel country, and it is possible to uncharm them by feeding them with sweets. The Hero’s goal is to organize the defense of the country with the help of candy-shooting towers.