Enter Sector 25 In Combat Arms

A new update for Combat Arms has been released and opens up Operation: Sector 25 which adds a new set of deadly weapons to its industry-leading armory as well as a new zone and a recruitment program that delivers rewards to recruits and recruiters alike.
The Blurb:
The new zone, called Sector 25, is a lab setting designed as an oval with a center corridor and a core connected to the outer oval hall with a series of passages. Opposing forces can clash in the center corridor or battle over flags at each end of the center core.

Also added to the swelling list of game weapons is the Ultimax 100 machine gun, perfect for mowing down large numbers of attackers, and the DSR-1, a portable sniper rifle well suited for shoot-and-run situations. Additionally, the new Baron’s M416 CQB epic assault rifle can be found in the MYST-N supply cases. To help identify weaknesses in enemies, a new KDR/HP vision gauge can be purchased that shows an enemy’s kill/death ratios, as well as the amount of hit points they have remaining when targeted by a players reticle.
To help players from ending up in the morgue, a new Balistic Helmet has been introduced that provides added protection from headshots, increases a players speed and protects them from the effects of flash grenades.
For those of you that have friends, there’s a recruitment program that rewards gamers for referring others to play, but those gamers need to reach Sergeant rank before any GP is given out. New recruits will immediately receive a free Starter Package that includes seven days worth of weapons and gear. The recruit will also have the opportunity to complete a training program, from which they will receive 3,000 GP that they can use to gear up even more.
All the info can be found at www.combatarms.nexon.net.

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