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Carve A Pumpkin In Invidictus

Are you or have you been playing Invidiciticiticiticus? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that it won’t miss out on any exciting Halloweenness that the rest of the MMO’s get, from now until Novenmber 20th, players will be able to explore a decorated Colhen, partake in various Halloween-themed events, and receive spooktacular prizes. The paganistic blurb: Colhen has been decorated with festive banners Jack-o-Lanterns that can be seen throughout the town. In addition, an eerie feeling has encompassed the town as a full moon can be seen rising in the clouds. The town is not the only area in Vindictus that has been overrun with the Halloween spirit. Vampires that lurk in Ainle have been spotted wearing Jack-o-Lantern masks and mercenaries have reported that flying Jack-o-Lanterns attack furiously in various dungeons. After completing the Decisive Battle with the Gnoll Chieftain, players who successfully complete the quests assigned by the Strange Traveler at the Inn can receive the festive titles,...

Enter Sector 25 In Combat Arms

A new update for Combat Arms has been released and opens up Operation: Sector 25 which adds a new set of deadly weapons to its industry-leading armory as well as a new zone and a recruitment program that delivers rewards to recruits and recruiters alike. The Blurb: The new zone, called Sector 25, is a lab setting designed as an oval with a center corridor and a core connected to the outer oval hall with a series of passages. Opposing forces can clash in the center corridor or battle over flags at each end of the center core.

Combat Arms has rising body count

Combat Arms is celebrating its second anniversary and for that reason, Nexon are giving away some exclusive permanent items for soldiers who log in during the celebratory period, which runs from today to Sunday July 11. Nexon also uncovered some incredible data from the ongoing virtual war zones. More than 8.6 billion soldiers killed in action. More than 1.7 billion of those casualties were caused by headshots More than 99 million Nutshots have been inflicted since it was added to the title in April 2009 More than 1.7 billion terrorists have been eliminated on the Desert Thunder map of Fireteam mode More than 55 million flags have been captured More than 350,000 clans have been created More than 336 million Gear Points earned in-game on a daily basis More than 8.8 billion EXP earned in-game on a daily basis

Become a Combat Arms Super Soldier

Nexon has revealed details of some new improvements to Combat Arms that include a new server with a brand new set of rules, Super Soldiers game mode and a new map, Dark Forest. Here’s the info: The new server, the Papa Server is open to all ranks, and offers Recreation (Rec) Rules. This rule-set offers an easier gameplay experience, and is intended to create a more-even playing field for all players. Soldiers will enjoy Rec Rules-only statistics, lower weapon recoil, and larger hitboxes. The Rec Rules server is also the exclusive home of the dynamic new Super Soldiers mode, which offers a unique and exciting new twist on Combat Arms gameplay. Super Soldiers is a new addition to Elimination and One Man Army matches on the Papa Server. Mysterious boxes drop all over the map, and players have 10 seconds to scoop one up. Players who grab a box will gain a unique boost – which makes players better, faster...