Volition Veteran Releases Solo iPhone Project

Some of you hardcore geeks may know the name Jiovanie Velazquez from such jobs like Studio Artist Manager at Volition Inc. and worked directly on hit titles such as Saints Row and Red Faction: Guerrilla and most recently Creative Director/President of Blazing Lizard Inc.
Now he has gone solo and released his first solo project called Bubble Rockit for the iPhone and iPod Touch which should be pretty darn good from someone with over 12 years of game development experience.
Game info:
Bubble Rockit is an “ascension” style game made popular by games such as Doodle Jump and Mega Jump. With less frenetic gameplay mechanics, a finite level design, and touch tapping interactivity Bubble Rockit adds just the right touch to immediately engage and addict the player.
Rockit needs to get to outer space, and it’s your job to help him get there! Guide him upwards from his tiny launch pad in the grass, through the skies and up into space using bubbles for fuel! Collect stars for big points, but don’t be hasty with that tapping finger… You may need to sacrifice a star or two for emergency fuel…
Official website is at BubbleRockit.Jiovanie.com and you can find the app at itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bubble-rockit/id383315502?mt=8.