Weird Pool Doodle Thingy

Some kind of strange press release has arisen to do with something called Doodle Pool…
One day last week our cleaner left a window open, during the night the notorious ‘Doodle’ entered our development studio and left its mark in a part finished pool game. Very early the next morning when the team arrived to start work (around 11.30am) they discovered the scene of the crime, it was shocking, it was frightening, it was memorising, we called it Doodle Pool.
Live now in the app store –
Take on an eclectic array of opponents including, Hugh Balls, Jonathon Rotten and Pretty Vacant, Bruce ‘The Boss’, The Astro Kid, Jackie Moon, Ben Asslick, Dr Tom Baker and Shirley Batty on your route to overall champion.

  • Doodle Art.
  • Uk 8 ball.
  • US 8 ball.
  • US 9 ball.
  • One player and Two player modes.
  • Time Attack mode (fastest to clear the table to enter a Time Attack high score).
  • Overall score system awards points for each ball sunk and match won to enter the overall high score table.
  • OpenFeint Achievements and High Scores.
  • Intuitive and unique control system, touch anywhere, drag back and release (think Angry Birds on a pool table).

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