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Hey Man, Explodemon

Well, considering that the press release is styled like it was meant to be read by you, so here goes…
Still on the fence about Explodemon? You sicken me. But, my personal disgust aside, it’s your lucky day – a demo of Explodemon! is heading to the PlayStation Store THIS WEEK for your downloading pleasure. That means that our American cousins will be able to download the demo today, and our European brothers will have access from tomorrow.

If you didn’t know yet, Explodemon! is a super-explosive action platformer for the PlayStation 3, distributed exclusively through the PlayStation Network. A frantic mix of pulse-pounding combat, brain-confuzzling puzzles and awesome tests of dexterity, Explodemon is also REALLY funny. It even has two – COUNT THEM – jokes about punctuation. Seriously. THAT is how we roll.
If you don’t trust us – and don’t worry, we don’t trust us either – then listen to the beautiful angel chorus of some of games journalism’s most cherubic of stars:
“Explodemon! is exactly what a PSN game should be… a quirky concept well-executed, and with a sense of charm and fun that you’d be hard pressed to find in even the biggest releases around.” – PlayStation Official Magazine UK 7/10
“The writing is genuinely funny… the line it sometimes straddles of pithy absurdity is brilliant, with jokes that actually get funnier the second time you hear them… Explodemon’s gameplay orgy of combat, platforming and devious physics puzzles surpassed anything I could have hoped for.” – GayGamer
“A roller-coaster ride of blowing up enemies, with thrilling platforming elements… brutal but always mentally rewarding puzzles… a blockbuster event of a game.” – DIYGamer
“Explodemon! is an homage to the 16-bit era, and a reminder of everything I love about gaming.” – TheSixthAxis 8/10
“It’s immensely satisfying once you really start digging into the depth of the game’s core mechanics… something of a gem.” – Joystiq 4/5
So, what are you waiting for? Go download it now! (And then buy the full game, obviously. Thanks!)