Get a Lode of This Sale

Lode Runner
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If you haven’t noticed it yet, why not.. I mean, there’s a new ‘Sales & Specials’ section on the Xbox Live Marketplace which highlights stuff that’s on offer or just things that are ‘Top Deals’ like, what you can get for 400 or 800 MS Points or less.. so, not really ‘deals’ as such.
Anyway, Lode Runner has had a permanent price drop (more old titles need to be permanently reduced, stop charging new, full price for titles over 18 months old :/ ) and is now 800 MS Points instead of 1200, just one of the titles in the new deals section.

“This promotion is a great opportunity for gamers to rediscover some great titles and pick them up at the best possible price.  I know I’ll be checking!” said Sheila Boughten, president of Tozai Games. “We’re excited that Lode Runner is the frontrunner in a promotion established to give gamers really great deals.”

Also launching today is the first of two Lode Runner expansions filled with new crazy puzzling goodness and more Achievements for Lode Runner fans. The ‘Skill Pack’ features  fifty new puzzles and eight crazed Hang On levels, as well as one new Achievement. The upcoming ‘Journey Pack’ will contain two new Achievements.

Lode Runner’s game/level designer Brett Ballow commented, “The ‘Skill Pack’ is the first of two large level expansions we’re releasing. It will be available for 160pts when the promotion kicks off while the ‘Journey Pack’ will be available for 240pts on April 13th, so there will be great deals for our diehard fans and new Runners alike.”