Wreck Yoself with 505 Games

Do you own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 or both? Jolly good, then you’re eligible to get Wrecked or more specifically, WRECKED – Revenge Revisited which is heading onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sime time soon.
It’s developed by Supersonic and is apparently a follow-up to a game I’ve searched high and low for in shops and online and am yet to find a decent copy, Mashed that was releasd back in 2004 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

“With WRECKED, we really want to build on the legacy that MASHED began on the previous generation of consoles, while at the same time bring some truly kick-ass racing and multiplayer action the likes of which racing fans have never seen,” said Pete Williamson, managing director of Supersonic. “After playing the game, we think you’ll see that we succeeded. Moving away from the trappings of standard racing games and putting a focus on all-out carnage and mayhem is what really makes WRECKED a can’t miss experience for fans of multiplayer racing.”

Game info:
In WRECKED, players are required to drive aggressively with a chip on their shoulders, utilizing a variety of weapons and vehicle enhancements to take their opponents out of the race. However, vanquished foes are able to exact vengeance against those who knocked them out through five different aerial strikes.
Additionally, WRECKED boasts a bevy of car customization features, allowing players to put their own personal spin on the game’s vehicles. You’ll be able to take these rides through a single player Championship Mode that will offer up to 24 challenges across four disciplines, providing the perfect opportunity to practice your skills. Four players can take each other on either locally or online in multiplayer modes that span several different tracks and unique locations.

“The world of battle racing has been long been dominated by cartoon plumbers and dinosaurs, but that’s all about to change,” said Tim Woodley, global brand director of 505 Games. “It’s time to bring a different breed of battle racing to the table, and WRECKED’s brand of stylish havoc is the way to do it.”

I’d love to get a review copy of this if it’s really gonna be like Mashed, anyway, follow on Facebook and the official website to keep up with all the info.