Will Kelly Brook Fall For You?

If you haven’t already seen the promotion on Xbox Live and aren’t already using the Lynx Excite theme and picture, why not? (Unless you’re female and don’t want sexy women on your dashboard)

I’ve been using them for quite a while now and even have a can of the deodorant of which I still haven’t experienced any angels falling at my feet.

If you abhor in-game advertising, you may want to look away now and especially if so against EA. I personally don’t have a problem with it, it does no harm to see a little product placement here and there, like the time I played Saints Row 2 in co-op to see an advert for the Wolverine movie, I was more like ‘ooh lookie’ than ‘WTF IS THIS?’.

The main intrusion of these adverts that will appear in such games as Fight Night Champion, PKR and Need for Speed will, as the image shows, have a QR Code that can be read by apps like Google Goggles that’s available on most smartphones and take you to a mobile website in which you can watch a very low resolution video, I’m not saying that because my phone has a four inch screen, it’s really low res.

The innovative advertising mechanic – the first by a UK brand – is part of the current Lynx Excite campaign and brings Lynx girls directly into game-play via in-game billboards and posters.  Gamers are also able to scan unique QR codes that give exclusive access to content including a video trailer featuring model Kelly Brook as a fallen angel.

You can check out the Facebook page for more info or even use your phone to read the QR Code in the image, it may seem dark, but it does work (if you have a good enough camera)!

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