Rockstar Register GTA V Domains?

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Rockstar of a new Grand Theft Auto game being developed, but it appears that a member of a GTA forum has noticed that a whole bunch of domains have been registered.

Sorry for not linking to the post as I found the info elsewhere which mentions about Take-Two saying there wouldn’t be a GTA game released in 2010 and that Australia ‘rated’ a game that sounds remotely like it could be a Grand Theft Auto title in February.
So, could there be a new GTA title in 2011?

Rockstar registered domains:
Make of them what you will, but it looks like if it really is for a GTA title, it’s going to span the US from Carolina to California (that’s pretty much East to West coast) and these are apparantly only some domains, so who knows…?!

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