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GTA Blaming Game, Because It's Easy.

How many people have to die before videogames aren’t brought into the blame equation? GTA has been at the forefront of news media since we apparently became international console terrorists or at least, consoles have become a tool of destruction.

Grand Theft Auto, The Movie

Did you know that there is a movie called Grand Theft Auto and it predates every GTA game in existance? Don’t get too excited though, it was written, stars and directed by the original Richard Cunningham, Ron Howard and isn’t quite the car stealing, whore killing epic you might expect it to be.

Rockstar Register GTA V Domains?

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Rockstar of a new Grand Theft Auto game being developed, but it appears that a member of a GTA forum has noticed that a whole bunch of domains have been registered.

Grand Theft Mac

Rockstar has announced that the Grand Theft Auto trilogy has been released for the Mac, bringing the classic ‘3D’ GTA’s III, Vice City and San Andreas to yet another platform.

Daily Star Apologises To Rockstar

As half of the internet already knows, the Daily Star became public enemy number one when they made a completely unfounded claim that Rockstar were creating a game based on the real life events of the Raoul Moat situation in Rothbury, how and why they thought up such a stupidly ridiculous story is beyond comprehension and just gave them the title as Stupidest People On the Internet for at least that day. Rockstar had absolutely no idea of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury and were no doubt as shocked as anyone else to discover the nonsense spouted by the seemingly rapidly declining tabloid who are desperate for stories, the Daily Star even stooped so low as to contact a grieving relative to get their reaction. Well done, idiots, causing more, unnecessary grief and stress to people affected by the incident with a story completely made up by a moron that had 5 minutes to spare in Photoshop and throw together a...