Martians Land On Pinball FX 2

Feeling a bit bored with Pinball FX 2? Just wait until April 20th when, for just 240 MS Points, you will be able to buy the MARS space adventure table from the Xbox Live Marketplace to get even more entertainment out of the game.

Set in the year 2100, the human race has finally managed to set foot on the Red Planet. Players will uncover hidden secrets which have long eluded life on planet Earth, and open eyes to a world never before discovered. Featuring a beautifully crafted landscape, interactive 3D objects and multiple missions and side quests, MARS continues the rich pinball tradition established by ZEN Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames.
Social features such as SuperScore and Wizard Score will be included, as well as new achievements and an operators menu and the ability to try before you buy are there to tempt you…

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