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Prepare for Paranormal Pinball

One of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade titles is to give you something for free! All you Pinball FX 2 gamers will be able to download the free Paranormal table between October 26th and November 2nd, plenty of time over the Halloween period.

Zen Studios Add a Little Magic to Pinball FX2

Got some Microsoft Points burning a hole in your virtual pocket and need something new to occupy your mind for a couple of hours? If you can wait until October 12th, Zen Studios will be launching a new table for Pinball FX2 called Sorcerer’s Lair.

Spider-Man Table Wins You Prizes

Spider-Man is one of the higher scoring tables in the Marvel Pinball lineup so this is a great chance to get a HUGE SuperScore and Hero Score boost. This is a high score tournament; the top three scores will win a Marvel Digital Comics Subscription, a Spider-Man Bass Skyline tee from MightyFine, and MSP’s!

Martians Land On Pinball FX 2

Feeling a bit bored with Pinball FX 2? Just wait until April 20th when, for just 240 MS Points, you will be able to buy the MARS space adventure table from the Xbox Live Marketplace to get even more entertainment out of the game.

Pinball FX Has A Secret

Pinball FX 2 is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade on October 13th and the interesting thing about it is that it will be free. Well, kind of, Pinball FX 2 will be a ‘platform’ of which you’ll be able to download demos of tables before purchasing, but if you already own Pinball FX, you’ll be able to import it’s content into FX 2.