Zen Studios Add a Little Magic to Pinball FX2

Got some Microsoft Points burning a hole in your virtual pocket and need something new to occupy your mind for a couple of hours? If you can wait until October 12th, Zen Studios will be launching a new table for Pinball FX2 called Sorcerer’s Lair.

Table info:
Story, theme and design come together in a beautiful blend of fantasy pinball magic in one of the most visually striking tables ever created by Zen Studios. Sorcerer’s Lair features a gothic world of mystery, ghosts and ginormous spiders! Avoid pesky traps, defeat an army of undead skeletons, explore six cellar missions and restore peace to those who reside within the walls of the ancient Citadel as you fight to escape the grasps of the evil Sorcerer.
It will likely cost around 240 MSP and for that, you get this…

Sorcerers Lair Table01.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table02.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table03.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table04.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table05.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table06.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table07.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table08.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table09.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table10.jpg Sorcerers Lair Table11.jpg