Get Fit and Have Fun on the Wii

If you need yet another fitness game for your Wii because you’re obssessed with them or the others ‘just don’t do it’ for you, let Funbox Media add another title to the ever increasing pile with Fit & Fun which, despite its name, is to be a more adult-orientated version of Wii Fit, apparently.


  • Developed with health and fitness experts
  • Ability to create your own workout planner
  • Body shaping: 3 games, each with 15 levels including Wae Bo, Rope Skipping and Beach Running
  • Muscle Training: 40 exercises in 4 different areas
  • Recreation: 20 exercises in 2 different areas including Relaxation/Cooldown option, which consists of Stretching exercises, Qi Gong and meditation based on Tai Chi and Zazen
  • Fun Games including Bobsledding, Hang Gliding, Badminton and more!

Doesn’t seem to be a release date yet…