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We Dance Features on Wii

Nordic Games are going from singing to dancing with We Dance where up to four players will be able to participate in some simulataneous boogie behaviour to 40 classic dance tracks in what is claimed to be one of the most ‘realistic’ dancing games, not sure just how realistic you can get apart from very…

“We Dance is more than just a straightforward dance game as these features prove,” said Nik Blower, sales and marketing director, Nordic Games. “The genre is ready to be taken to the next level and this announcement today, along with our future plans, will demonstrate that we’re a step ahead in the music and dancing game genre.”

To prepare for the main game, there are warm-up sessions which ensure people will be ready to really throw themselves into the game, while Dance School provides player tutorials so they can learn the dance steps and hand movements for each song before trying it in the main game.
For authenticity, all dance steps have been fully choreographed by professional dancers helping make We Dance a more rewarding and energetic experience.
To guide players, each song has a Star Rating, giving an indication of how difficult each track is.
Crucially, following completion of a routine, gamers will receive their performance statistics – helping them to learn and develop moves and, for the really competitive, there are also leaderboards which feature top player charts.
As already revealed, unlike other dancing games, We Dance utilises three different styles of play – using the Wii Remote, using a dance mat accessory such as Nordic Games’ ”Star Mat” or distinctively a combination of both – each offering varying levels of difficulty.
We Dance will launch with 40 licensed tracks spanning four decades of music; from rock to pop, rap to disco and hip hop to drum ‘n’ bass, there is something for everyone.  The majority of tracks include the original videos to further add to the experience.
In addition to the main game there are three Party Game modes – ‘Jump’, ‘Step’ and ‘Pose’ – featuring a variety of four player mini games to challenge friends and family alike.
Following the successful and familiar We Sing formula, there’s Jukebox mode Dance TV, for people to enjoy all 40 tracks and videos.
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