Sony Say Personal Data Comprimised

Quick bit of advice:

Well, mainly if you’ve provided payment details and if you can’t remember if you’ve added a card to your account, check emails from [email protected] and contact your bank to basically request a new card since your old one might be susceptible to fraudulant use.

Also, if you’re that paranoid, you could move house or just change address, close the email account associated with the account and become Reginald Farquar III Esquire, 1 Remote Island, Middle of the Ocean, Earth. Possible details obtained by hackers are:
Address (city/town, state/county, zip/postcode)
Email address
PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login and handle/PSN online ID
Apparently, Sony have claimed the service could be back up and running within a week, let’s just wait and see…
Kotaku have provided a kind of FAQ for your perusal and possibly put your mind at ease.